… a blossomed bough is broken (2023)


Instrumentation: Soprano, Clarinet in A, Piano

Duration: 8

Price: Digital Edition – $17 (Contact the composer to purchase)

Format: Transposed Score for 3 Performers



World Premiere Recording

Recorded on April 21st, 2023 by Haven Trio at the Hart School; recording engineer: Benjamin Wolgang.

Program Notes

… a blossomed bough is broken was written for the Haven Trio in the early part of 2023. The work is the second in a series of compositions looking at how light filters through different kinds of trees; in this case, the Cherry Blossom Tree. The form and emotional context are also influenced by Thomas Bailey Aldrich’s poem, A Mood.

Throughout the setting of the text, the vocal part sings a scanting number of recognizable syllables and words, instead extended vowels and consonants from throughout the poem to add to dense, yet crystaline instrumental textures – symbolic of the emotions in the interplay between the poem’s speaker and surrounding nature.

The work was premiered by the Haven Trio in April of 2023.

Additional information


Clarinet in A, Piano, soprano

Ensemble Type

Art Song, Chamber Music