Chamber Music

For String Ensembles | For Woodwind Ensembles |
for Brass Ensembles  | for Mixed Ensembles

For String Ensembles:

String Quartet No. 1: A Propos of the Wet Snow (2017-19), for String Quartet

Fossil Lake (2017), for 2 Violins

For Woodwind Ensembles:

Cloudburst Above Shelf Lake (2019), for Saxophone Quartet

Mystic Shadows (2017), for Woodwind Quintet

Thirteen Ways to Look at a Blackbird (2017), for 2 Flutes

For Brass Ensembles:

Asteroid TB145: “Death Comet” (2018), for Euphonium, Tuba, & Fixed Electronics

For Mixed Ensembles:

Atlantic Opalescence V: Timeless Sea Breeze (2019), for Cello & Hammered Dulcimer

Abstraction of the End (2019), for Flute, Viola, Percussion & Piano

The Boat (2018), for Pierrot Ensemble

Atlantic Opalescence II: Terror and Rebirth of the Sea (2018), for Horn and Viola

Crimson (2018), for Pierrot Ensemble & Percussion

Desert Soils (2017), for Auxillary Trumpeter and Oboe

Whitéd Sepulchre (2017), for Viola and Percussion