Chamber Music

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for Piano / Percussion Ensembles  | for Mixed Ensembles

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For String Ensembles:

Fossil Lake (2017), for 2 Violins

Poéme Bucolique (2022), for Cello Quintet

String Quartet No. 1: A Propos of the Wet Snow (2017-19), for String Quartet

5th Avenue Vignettes (2023), for Viola Quartet

For Woodwind Ensembles:

Cloudburst Above Shelf Lake (2019), for Saxophone Quartet

Meshed with a Million Veins (2020), for 8 Flutes

Mystic Shadows (2017), for Woodwind Quintet

Thirteen Ways to Look at a Blackbird (2017), for 2 Flutes

For Piano / Percussion Ensembles:

Cascades and Pools (2021), for Marimba & Piano

For Mixed Ensembles:

For 2 Players

Atlantic Opalescence II: Terror and Rebirth of the Sea (2018), for Horn and Viola

Atlantic Opalescence V: Timeless Sea Breeze (2019), for Cello & Hammered Dulcimer

Desert Soils (2017), for Auxiliary Trumpets and Oboe

The Fog Walks on Little Cat Feet (2020), for Trumpet and Flute d’Amore

Whitéd Sepulchre (2017), for Viola and Percussion

For 3 Players

Relinquished (2023), for Alto Flute, Guitar (in 22-EDO), & Bass

For 4 Players

Abstraction of the End (2019), for Flute, Viola, Percussion & Piano

Fanfare & Dance (2021), for Violin, Viola, Trumpet, and Tuba

Light-in-Leaves (2022), for Viola, Bass Clarinet, Guitar, and Percussion

For 5 or More Players

The Boat (2018), for Pierrot Ensemble

Crimson (2018), for Pierrot Ensemble & Percussion