Chamber Music

For String Ensembles | For Woodwind Ensembles |
for Brass Ensembles  | for Mixed Ensembles

For String Ensembles:

A Propos of the Wet Snow (2017; revised & expanded 2019), for String Quartet

Fossil Lake (2017), for 2 Violins

Sequenza di Sofferenza (2016), for Violin and Viola

For Woodwind Ensembles:

Mystic Shadows (2017), for Woodwind Quintet

Thirteen Ways to Look at a Blackbird (2017), for 2 Flutes

For Brass Ensembles:

Asteroid TB145: “Death Comet” (2018), for Euphonium, Tuba, & Fixed Electronics

For Mixed Ensembles:

The Boat (2018), for Pierrot Ensemble

Atlantic Opalescence III: Terror and Rebirth of the Sea (2018), for Horn and Viola

Crimson (2018), for Pierrot Ensemble, plus Percussion

Desert Soils (2017), for Auxillary Trumpeter and Oboe

Whitéd Sepulchre (2017), for Viola and Percussion